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URGENT:  COVID 19 Vaccination Update

It has come to the attention of Suttons Medical Group that letters have been sent out to a number of our practice patients from an alternative source asking our patients to ring and book COVID 19 vaccination appointments in Norwich, Bedford and Boston etc. These letters have not been sent from our practice. 

Because of the short timescale given to the practice being notified of the delivery of our supply of vaccines the practice will not be writing to our patients but is telephoning them to make appointments for them, and giving them the relevant information they need during the call. Our practice is providing our vaccination services from Springfields Events Centre in Spalding along with all other South Holland practices. This has been advertised on our social media pages, on our practice website, and has also been advertised by the local media. 

Our practice was advised by NHS England not to advise our patients of when and where our supply of vaccines would administered until Friday 15th January at the earliest. We as a practice felt that this was much too late to advise our patients and chose to ignore the embargo regarding the press release and we began to advertise the starting of our vaccination program via social media as soon as we had confirmation of a delivery date for the vaccines. We are very sorry therefore that another source has sent letters to our practice patients which has now caused a great deal of confusion amongst our patient population.

If patients would like to have their vaccinations done locally at our designated vaccination site in Spalding then please do not feel pressured to book an appointment elsewhere.  

For all other patients who have not received a letter from this alternative source please do not call the practice but please wait until we call/contact you (from our practice) as and when it is your turn to be vaccinated as per the priority groups. 

Many thanks for your patience and understanding in the meantime. 

Kind regards, 

Suttons Medical Group

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